S55 A
Crociera Italia - Brasile
17/12/1930 - 15/01/1931

Available models

Wingspan: 25 cm
Lenght: 17 cm
Material: metal and plastic

Even if the design was inusual, the S55 was a remarkably airworthy craft. In 1926 the S55 set 14 world records for speed, altitude and distance with a payload. But the greatest successes were its many flights between Europe and the Americas. From 1928 the S55 made several formation flights in the Mediterranean area.

In 1930 there is the idea of reaching Brazil, were many italians live. The organization of this event is up to gen. Italo Balbo:  on 14 December 1930 14 aircrafts leave from Orbetello and, after several problems, only 11 reach Rio de Janeiro on 15 January 1931.

This is the model of S55A that made the "Crociera Italia-Brasile".

All models are made up to original drawings and are 100% Made in Italy using mainly metal and, for some details, plastics.

In the window box you will find a metal support as well as an illustration of the maps and the pilot list.