279 Squadriglia Autonoma 
 A.S. 1942

Wingspan: 30 cm
Lenght: 22 cm
Material: metal for the basement and reinforced glass fiber plastic for the model.

The Savoia Marchetti S.79 Sparviero (Italian for sparrowhawk) was a three-engined Italian medium bomber with a wood-and-metal structure. 

Originally designed as a fast passenger aircraft, this low-wing monoplane, between 1937 and 1939, set 26 world records that qualified it for some time as the fastest medium bomber in the world. 

It first saw action during the Spanish Civil War and flew on all fronts in which Italy was involved during World War II. It became famous and achieved many successes as a torpedo bomber in the Mediterranean theater. 

The S.79 was an outstanding aircraft and was certainly the best-known Italian aeroplane of World War II. It was easily recognizable due to its distinctive fuselage dorsal "hump", and was well liked by its crews who nicknamed it 'Gobbo Maledetto' ("damned hunchback"). 

It was the most widely produced Italian bomber of World War II, with some 1,300 built, remaining in Italian service until 1952.  (source Wikipedia)

This version is the aircraft of 279th Squadron, formed in 1940 in Gorizia; in January 1941 it was transferred to Sicily and then to the Aegean. It took part in operations in North Africa and it was present in June 1943 at Gerbini (Catania - Sicily).

The model is entirely produced in Italy on the basis of the original drawings provided by the Siai Marchetti old workers group.