The Company

Old Cars , situated at half way between Turin and Milan, at the foot of Mount Rosa, is a family firm, born in 1975 with the purpose of manifacturing demonstrative and promotional scale models for the industry.

There is a strict cooperation with many important construction Houses: all models are made up to original drawings and are approuved by themselves, first users of those models: it is just for meeting their special requirements that scales range from 1/10 to 1/87, that details become important and generally speaking models must evidence the main features of the real vehicle.

All models are made from die-cast mould: the materials employed are zamac, ABS, nylon and, for tyres, a souple PVC. Painting is oven dried. While casting of the different parts of a model is made on industrial basis, assembling and finishing operations are prevalently hand-made: for that reason every model could be considered as a "unique" piece.